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It really is beautiful
I know... Geometry dash isn't art.
But srsly, click this link. I actually completed this god forsaken level I created.
It's called desert and it is a new level I just posted unfortunately under the name of player.
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True Order? Chapter four
Something seems off... I felt really weak during that last battle, and I shouldn't have. I decide to float over to Espa, who I haven't even tried to talk to since the fight. Ironically, Espa took the hits, but Royce fainted. I need to know why.
"Espa, hey," she barely looks up at me. The poor thing's been staring at the ground, but she hasn't shed a single either.
"Hi Wik... Hey, that was a pretty good battle, well done." Her voice is devoid of all emotion.
"Are you kidding me? You gave me a pretty job challenge! Especially for a beginner!" I'm trying to cheer her up, and she actually looks at me now, but she's neither excited nor upset. She's worried.
"Hey... Wik, do you ever get a really horrible sinking feeling?"
"I'm a ghost type, remember? I float."
Espa's eyes soften a bit, "you know what I mean!"
"Fine, fine... Yeah... I've gotten really horrible vibes before. One time, Asuna found a berry tree and climed all the way to the top to get a berry. I had a bad feeling about it,
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True Order: chapter three
"Okay now... Tell me about yourself." I say, hoping to strike some sort of conversation.
"Okay, but only if you promise to talk to me." She replies.
A stalemate... I like her already.
"How about this... I'll give information about myself and you give same information about yourself."
"My name is Wik."
"Espa. I'm a female."
"I'm a female too-"
"-wait... How can a talking lamp be female?"
"I don't know, how can a cat be psychic?"
"My trainer's name is Asuna."
"Royce. I'm pretty sure this is going to get confusing
"Me too."
"Yeah, lets stop and talk like normal pokemon."
"Good idea."
Well this is awkward... Now we aren't talking at all... Um... Well... Uhhhh...
"So." She pipes up (finally, she's been staring at me for a minute.), "how long have you been Asuna's pet?"
I lost it, "what? Wait... What?"
"His pet, companion, stays at his house, eats stuff, sleeps in a soft bed in his room. Y-know, general pokemon stuff."
"Ummm... Asuna is my trainer... We
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True Order? Chapter 2
I've been walking for hours now, but there's no end to the destruction. The air reeks of gasoline, and fire accompanies it. I was too focused on Espa to realize the carnage surrounding me. Metal plates and bricks are strewn all across cracked streets. Entire buildings are thrashed. I can only assume that most of the buildings in the area did not survive whatever-the-heck just happened because there are only two or three still standing every once in a while.
I've heard of devastation like this before, but only on the news. This doesn't seem like an earthquake, and it certainly isn't a hurricane that started on a sunny day. I have to keep thinking in order to keep my mind off of my leg pain. All of my routes of thought seem to lead me to Espa again.
I started reminiscing to the early days when Espa was just an Eevee. There was always a special connection there. My mom hated her, though. She always preferred her pokemon on job.
I never really learned much about her job at team Ord
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True Order? Chapter One
Where's Royce? Oh, here he is. But is he alive? The wind is deafening. I think I'm going to vomit. Wait... Where's Royce? Oh. Right. I'm not thinking clearly... And that never happens. Wait... Where's Royce? I have to protect him.
"Uuuuuggghh... What the... Where?"
Getting to my feet proved to be a bit more difficult than I expected. Pain radiated through my body. I'd never experienced anything like it before. It felt like freshly sharpened knives were being pressed into my left leg. I collapsed with a moan. I laid there a couple of minutes until the pain dissipated to a deep throb. The only thing I could do without being racked with pain was open my eyes.
I wish I hadn't, because although I didn't feel any physical pain, I felt emotionally thrown into a vat of acid.
I stood immediately, expecting to be racked with pain, but not feeling anything. Hot tears
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True Order: Prologue
Mom and dad sent Royce outside again. They've been doing that a lot. I don't know why they sent him out now, I can sense a storm is coming in the next five minutes.
"Espa, come 'ere girl."
That's Royce. So informal.
With a content mrrrrow and a stretch, I stood, made a circle around my soft bed, and sat and stared at Royce intently. Looking into his eyes, I could see his childlike joy. He clearly doesn't sense my unease.
"What's wrong Esp?"
I sense a brief flicker of concern on Royce. I have to go now, I can't make him worry. I begin a meandering stride toward Royce, and he meets me three quarters of the way. I don't understand why he always picks me up, but I don't protest because I always feel closer to Royce when he does. I unintentionally begin to purr.
But suddenly, I'm ripped from the ecstasy of Royce's loving arms.
"Royce, put Espa down a moment, I'll send her out soon."
Royce stroked behind my ear, and set me down on the cold hardwood floor. I turned toward Royce expectantly, b
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Writing at one o' clock part 2
Jack Smith had always loved sleepy Falmouth with its ill, iffy igloos. It was a place where he felt ecstatic.
He was a thoughtful, malicious, port drinker with spiky toenails and dirty legs. His friends saw him as a faithful, fair friend. Once, he had even saved an easy baby that was stuck in a drain. That's the sort of man he was.
Jack walked over to the window and reflected on his wild surroundings. The clouds danced like sitting kittens.
Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Reginald England. Reginald was a malicious dolphin with pretty toenails and solid legs.
Jack gulped. He was not prepared for Reginald.
As Jack stepped outside and Reginald came closer, he could see the damaged glint in his eye.
Reginald gazed with the affection of 4934 spiteful clean cats. He said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want a wifi code."
Jack looked back, even more ambivalent and still fingering the spotty banana. "Reginald, yabba Dabba Doo," he replied.
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Writing at one o' clock
Wenna's Vampire
There's a sympathetic new girl in Sydney and she has everybody talking. Stunningly stunning and devastatingly muscular, all the girls want her. However, Michelle Wilson has a secret - she's a snooty vampire.
Wenna Ferguson is a courageous, strong girl who enjoys stamp collecting. She becomes fascinated by Michelle who can stop elephants with her bare hands. She doesn't understand why she's so standoffish.
Her best friend, a friendly imp called Shane, helps Wenna begin to piece together the puzzle. Together, they discover the ultimate weapon - the green, tiny sword.
When bodies start turning up all over Sydney, Wenna begins to fear the worst. The imp urges her to report Michelle to the police and she knows she should, so what's stopping her?
She may resist Michelle's bite, but can she resist her charms?
Will she be caught bopping with the vampire?
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Isn't it a-vase-ing? by KOTIKLAP Isn't it a-vase-ing? :iconkotiklap:KOTIKLAP 1 0 Merry Christmas! by KOTIKLAP Merry Christmas! :iconkotiklap:KOTIKLAP 1 9
Intertwined- Chapter 1: The Only
Chapter 1: The Only
"You see, there are many, many worlds existent. Some of which, very different from our world, but some very much the same. You see, with each choice we make, we make a new world. In these worlds, the outcomes form alternate timelines. We are, in fact, simply a timeline that has worked out rather favorably."
-J.T. Brown  The Only
You could this man is intelligent, and you would be right. But, this is no story about J.T. Brown. J.T. Was a man of charisma, and a people pleaser at that. He went on to say that harvesting resources from these other worlds was not only possible, but very much necessary.
J.T. Was the tea of the world. He invented multiple dimensions theory, inter-dimensional travel, and eternal life. For these things, he became the ruler of earth. He gave everyone eternal life. Everyone renounced religion and moved on. All was well, because J.T. Became our god. He took on the name, "The Only."
Funny how such an amazing story has such dark connotations.
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Mature content
Creepypasta help :iconkotiklap:KOTIKLAP 0 3
I'm persuing a weird new hobby by KOTIKLAP I'm persuing a weird new hobby :iconkotiklap:KOTIKLAP 0 5
Day 339.75 (Sky) chapter four: Pain
Chapter four: Pain
"Dude, why the heck are you here?" I was so shocked that my friend was here with me that my voice quivered slightly.
"I was hungry."
"Not in the cafeteria! In this base thing."
"Because im a pokéuman i guess..."
Now I began to ask myself some questions. How could I recognize him? He didn't look human... He looked like a mole... A... The word came to my mind in the form of Chespin.
"So you're a... Chespin?"
"Yeah... I guess I am."
"I didn't even know you were here... So who else is?"
He paused, clearly thinking over what he was going to say. He finally gave up in his own mind and told me, "the only people I know are here are Kairi, Matthais, and..."
I paused, wondering if he simply forgot the name. I grew impatient quickly, "and who?"
I could feel my expression change. As far as I knew, Jenna was dead. She had been kidnaped a year ago under strange circumstances. The police never found her and reluctantly presumed her dead two months later. Jenna was m
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Day 339.75 (Sky) Chapter 3: Unquestioned Answer
Chapter 3: Unquestioned Answer
"I see you believe us now?" Again that voice.
I paused, reluctant to admit it, "yes..."
"Good, now we can release you."
As he spoke, the glass wall surrounding me lifted. To me, that wasn't so significant. I didn't really care to even try to escape before. I trust these people way too much.
"I'll give you some time to gather your bearings. Yet again, welcome to the Niagra Base. I will be in the lobby for you if you have any questions, and I'll give you a tour."
I was opening my mouth as he turned, so he didn't hear my pathetic attempt of thanksgiving. I'm glad he didn't hear it now, because that would surely lose some respect for me. As I stepped out, I noticed, again, the massive crowd. The all seemed like they had a question for me. I didn't like that. In a roar of questioning voices, I was partially deafened.
"Did you know your parents?"
"Are you surprised to be here?"
"Are you upset that you got stuck with Eric?"
"Your father was a legend, can we expe
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Day 339.75 (Sky) chapter 2: Haze
Chapter 2- Haze
When I woke, the haze in my mind didn't clear. I lay on the cold, white floor. I was so numb, I couldn't even feel myself breath. I could hardly hear the mumbling of other voices. I focused on their voices, closing my eyes as I did to maintain any focus I could muster.
I could barely make out murmurs of a group, clearly eager for something to happen. Soon my hearing cleared and I could hear more expressly. I dared not stand up, however, as I wasn't sure if it was a good thing that I was here.
"Silence now, the subject is ready." A steady voice, full of authority, raised up amongst the others. They quieted down immediately, not out of fear, but respect. I liked that. I finally amassed my courage and stood up.
An impressive roar of wonder and amazement rippled through the crowd like a shockwave. Some excited, some terrified, some filled with childlike wonder.
"Oh good, he's awake. The tests will be far easier to run with him awake." This was a different voice, a more devo
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.:Star, Take Me To The Brand New World:. by Muxicalm .:Star, Take Me To The Brand New World:. :iconmuxicalm:Muxicalm 6 3 Growlithe by laserboy600 Growlithe :iconlaserboy600:laserboy600 6 26 Eevee Banana Splits by TsaoShin Eevee Banana Splits :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 17,767 2,589 FCD - For KOTIKLAP by Muxicalm FCD - For KOTIKLAP :iconmuxicalm:Muxicalm 2 1 Meruru by Meruruu Meruru :iconmeruruu:Meruruu 7 5 No Matter How Hard I Try by FaustShikari No Matter How Hard I Try :iconfaustshikari:FaustShikari 235 55 +Color 3D+ Chibi Cleo by Meruruu +Color 3D+ Chibi Cleo :iconmeruruu:Meruruu 2 6 Chibi by KKLovesShadow Chibi :iconkklovesshadow:KKLovesShadow 7 91 Hibari Kyoya by Meruruu Hibari Kyoya :iconmeruruu:Meruruu 5 16 Portrait - Meruru by Meruruu Portrait - Meruru :iconmeruruu:Meruruu 5 13


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